• EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

    The EMS device, is a method in terms of effective muscle stimulation and referes a preferred system for a healthy lifestyle. EMS provides ideal sports opportunities with the electrical frequencies it emits in appropriate amounts. Technically, it is a system that allows the trainees to burn calories faster by emitting a low-current electricity and saves plenty of time.

    The EMS device, developed for the people demanding to be thin and fit in their daily lives, provides optimal movement and muscle system. It stimulates the body with the electrical current it spreads to the body and provides ideal muscle formation and weight loss. It takes a long time for effective sport trainings and losing weight is a difficult and long process; however, with effective use of EMS, it becomes very easy to build muscle and lose weight in less time and more effectively.

    How Does EMS Work?


    Why Choose ProBody Systems?

    Probody Systems EMS, enables the brain to focus on the appropriate muscle group and act accordingly. Sportive activities are much more effective when performed with Probody Systems EMS.

    EMS has gained a new dimension as a whole body wearable EMS with the new generation of clothing developed by ProBody Systems. ProBody Systems EMS is a system that performs electrical muscle stimulation by stimulating 10 major muscle groups of the body with currents at certain frequencies using specially designed clothing and electrodes.

    With the EMS full body wearable device, you can train the muscles in the middle part of the body that would be very difficult to work during normal training, and especially the inner corset muscles, which are responsible for maintaining an upright spine.

    Why Should You Use EMS?

    Do you want to exercise faster and more effectively and lose weight, burn fat and build muscle at the same rate? Then it’s time to try ProBody EMS!

    Benefits of EMS

    Who Can Use Electrostimulation?