• Empower Your Body with Technology

    ProBody Systems EMS is a current and proven solution developed by Turkish engineers in collaboration with physiotherapists and fitness trainers for the EMS training of the future.

    Would you like to exercise effectively with ProBody Systems EMS device stimulating 10 different main muscle groups in your body at the same time? Try our products that are ergonomically designed to fit your body & environment for training safely and efficiently!


    PulseBox oldukça basit ve ergonomik bir tasarıma sahiptir. Ancak bu basit tasarımının altında kullanım ve bağlantı açısından güçlü bir teknoloji ile donatılmıştır. Bu sayede EMS antrenmanlarınızı güvenli, verimli ve mümkün olan en rahat şekilde tamamlamanızı sağlar. Kablosuz bluetooth teknolojisine sahip bu EMS cihazı ile ister bireysel isterseniz grup antrenmanlarında limitsiz hareket ve sınırsız mekan özgürlüğüne sahip olabilirsiniz. PulseBox;

    için uygundur. ProSuit ile bir kablo aracılığıyla bağlanan PulseBox, vücudunuzdaki 10 kas grubuna kadar aynı anda akım verebilir. Geliştirilmiş yüksek kapasiteli lithyum polimer pil teknolojisi ile 20 antrenmana kadar kesintisiz kullanım imkânı.


    A new generation special suit surrounding your body.

    Only high-quality, best and most advanced materials were selected to create truly innovative garments at the ProBody Systems R&D centre in the development process. Therefor, the suit was designed to be much more flexible, versatile and as a comfortable training equipment.


    Provide hygiene by the antibacterial fabric used in textile products.

    ProSuit has been carefully developed by choosing the highest quality materials for the perfect harmony with your body.

    Special stretchable fabric technology for excellent comfort

    Enjoy freedom of movement via wireless technology and without being obliged to a place.

    Adjust the electrodes for better results or easily cover the leg area with the leg extender device for users with different physical conditions.

    Get rid of cable clutter restricting your movement and bothering your eyesight; thanks to the carefully hidden cables on the ProSuit.

    Special design allowing individuals to wear easily on their own.

    PBS Manager

    PBS Manager device allows you to see and intervene everything at the same time with its user-friendly single page modern design. Start training by choosing one of the preset programs or meet with an advanced user experience by defining your own parameters. Train up to six people at the same time, for group training or one-on-one, with a single tablet, or train yourself individually. Moreover, you can halve the time by setting currents in group workouts with matching and group training features. You can practically have more than one EMS device at your business at the same time with different programs and training terms for six different PulseBoxes working independently!


    Tights & Body

    Tights and bodysuit made of cotton, with their long-lasting fabric that surrounds the body and preserves its wetness for better transmission of the current during the training.


    Durable and long-lasting electrodes specially developed for homogeneous pulse transmission.

    Spray Bottle

    PulseBox Protection Box

    IP67 class; protected against dust and immersion in water for less than 30 minutes.


    A solid and functional stand, where you can keep your armbands, PulseBox and ProSuits organized in your studio, and where you can soak the ProSuit before training preparation. This is a must for studios.

    Cable Tree

    It is completed with a gold-plated connector to provide long-lasting and durable better conductivity by the cable specifically produced for moving and humid areas.