• Discover the Safe and Effective Training Model of the Future!Discover the Safe and Effective Training Model of the Future!

    Take the first step to achieve the fit body of your dreams with the support of ProBody Systems EMS device only with 2x20 minutesof training per week. ProBody Systems EMS technology provides the effect of 3 hours long training of traditional techniques in just 20 minutes!

  • Latest Technology,
    Turkish Brand EMS Device

    ProBody Systems has handled R&Ds in electronic muscle stimulators since 2019. ProBody Systems EMS devices have been developed by Turkish engineers with the partnership of physiotherapists and fitness instructors in line with the support of University of Istanbul Technocity; moreover it has been strengthened with high level software by Turkish engineers.

  • CE Certified Products

    The ProBody Systems EMS device has been certified with CE (Conformite Europeenne) for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) by passing health, safety and environmental protection standards compliance tests.

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    We pay attention to our customers & their demands as a partner and we support their success. Accordingly we have developed business models that have proven with a quality, fast and affordable price policy to help your business grow in both sales and after-sales services.

    What is ProBody Systems EMS?

    Human brain sends weak signals to the relevant muscle groups, allowing the muscles to contract and relax before every movement in daily life. In some cases the muscle cannot be stimulated due to nerve damage or when the muscle decreases and loses its strength due to lack of use. Specifically for such physiotherapy purposes, the brain's electrical currents are transmitted to the muscles in a controlled manner from outside, allowing them to be stimulated. Finally the muscles contract and relax; by the help of that the loss of muscle mass is prevented. ProBody Systems improved that technology with new wearable EMS machines and equipment; the whole body has taken on a new dimension via EMS together with the new generation of clothing. ProBody Systems EMS is a system stimulating the 10 main muscle groups in the body with currents of certain frequencies by its specially designed EMS suit and electrodes. The torso muscles which are difficult to operate in a standard workout and especially the inner corseting (core) muscles keeping the spine upright, both can be operated with only 25 minutes of training by the means of wearable whole-body EMS device.

    Probody Systems

    Advantages of ProBody Systems

    Our primary goal is to introduce the EMS training system and increase its awareness in today's ever-changing world. Most importantly, ProBody Systems aims to make EMS systems available properly and reliably, with the aim of serving a healthier lifestyle to people.

    Multiple Connection

    Multiple outfits can be easily controlled with a single admin device.


    The sporters can move freely; the EMS trainers can control from anywhere.

    Rental Model

    Avoid unfortunate surprises with reliable rental.

    Domestic and National

    Developed by Turkish engineers with high level software.

    Why EMS Training?

    Who Uses EMS devices?

    ProBody Systems EMS training offers a great range of possibilities for users. The revolutionary EMS training model is the choice of a wide range of people & institutions such as physiotherapy centers, pilates studios, any scale of GYMs, freelance personal trainers or doctors collaborating with EMS. In addition to these, EMS fitness is possible in any suitable place such as customers' or trainers' homes, fitness studios, outdoors such as parks & gardens, beauty and wellness studios and many more...

    Small Scale Studios

    Rent, use, make it use. Calculate your income, expenses, profits clearly.


    Use a new and effective approach to speed up the healing process of your patients.

    Large Scale Gyms

    Add a new one to your services. Provide your customers with a unique service.


    Improve your clients' motivation by supporting them with EMS workouts.

    Coaches & Trainers

    Open the door for your trainees to train more in less time.

    Pilates Studios

    Double the satisfaction of customers while adding a unique and very advantageous product to the product range.

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